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We had quite a group over for dinner-14. Jabari and his four kids and lovely wife. I felt I was back in the 50's in 6th grade when we had two dance parties each school year. The boys would line up on one side of the gym and the girls on the other. 10 or so records would be played and then the very last dance or two the kids would finally come out into middle ground and dance sort of.

Malanna and the girls were very slow at warming up. Part of this was also Maurice and Tatra coming down from Sonoma to visit Malanna and she was having to visit with them also.

But finally during the meal and after the girls started chatting and connecting. Grandma-Oma found it hesterical.

The lovely baby in the photos is Cornia's grandchild. Her name is 'Princess' believe it or not.

We missed Willa not being able to join us for Sunday is the busiest work day of her week. And I was really frustrated I did not get to spend any quality time with each child to catch up on their interests and personalities.
Little PrincessTodd twitching baby's noseTatra playing MommyMaurice playing DaddyTwitteringGroup photo one