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Melanie and Courtney, Makenna came to visit us for a week. First time they stayed a full week and it was such a pleasure having more time to spend together and not pack every thing into a quick weekend whirl. The highlight of the week was going to the City to have our own private tour in the Heath Ceramic building led by Tiffany. We enjoyed seeing the graffiti and colorful little vignettes of the neighborhood in the Mission Districk. We shopped in the retail store within the building and vistied many small artist studios.

The Boiler Room Gallery was showing 'Out Siders Art' from Alabama and the quilts and drawings were wonderful. We then walked a block to a new Thai resturant and had a very colorful meal incluing blue rice.

The evening before Mel and the gals left we had a little spa retreat and scared and laughed our selves silly.