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Days three and four were spent going into the Massacre Rim area where we were fortunate enough to find more antelope, raptors and glyphs including those thought to represent the Super Nova. Getting into this site was a challenge as the road for the last couple of miles was horrific. Mike’s truck, its 4 WD and his skillful maneuvering got us in and out twice. The last two miles of road took an hour or more, but the isolated ridge and plateau was in nearly pristine condition and the antelope were magnificent as was the fish that stood about six feet high!

We could not have found this unique place and the fish without the assistance of BLM and Julie Rodman’s guidance. It was refreshing to find agency staff so supportive of taking care of the public’s heritage.
Steam from Hot Springs sprouted up at random through our travels.Wild HorsesEarly morning rabbits bound across the roads.Which way to go?Mike gets out to investigate the road.Two Full Hours to Travel 6 MilesA large heard of Antelope on the rim.Mike found part of the first arrow head he has discovered.Hiking the Rims