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We have lived in our home for 46 years now. This year is our home's 100 year anniversary. And I finally got the kitchen I have dreamed about for ever, but better. Dugan absolutely out did himself in creating a banquet of drawers, each I designed and he customized for my needs.
I got the honed marble I have always loved which is mat finished and has the same luminosity of amber and soap stone. We finally got a dishwasher, garbage disposal and new trash containers built in that are going to make kitchen duties much easier. And we went from two extension cords and one double socket for electrical needs to 8 sockets/ real electrical outlets.
Over View of new kitchenOver view of old kitchenOld kitchen sink side.Other counter with large trash can that always gets in the way.Extension cord soon to be replaced.New  double socket and light switch.Last look of old sink and tile and grouting problems.Blue prints of old kitchen.Drawings of new drawers for new cabinet.A great view of cabinets in Dugan's shop.View of sink cabinet and farm sink.Last view of old shelving space on top of cabinets.Next several photos of chaos and worker bees at work.