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Due to the weather, we spent the next day seeing a site not far from a little farming community North of Cedarville. The road to Fort Bidwell was a well-traveled two-lane highway. The farms along the east side of the road were boarded a massive dry lake playa that held a good deal of water. Many of the farms that bordered the highway to the West were tucked into the Warner Mountains that still had snow in the higher elevations in June. The farms contained surprising numbers of dear, raptors and cranes. Heading east out of Bidwell in route to the first petroglyph site we also encountered antelope!

The day turned out to be beautiful, great for hiking and taking in all the wildlife and beauty of the high desert. The glyphs we visited were very old perhaps 8000 to 12000 years.
The wild life was stunning and we took another trip late afternoon into the evening driving along and taking photos of Cranes, Hawks, Owls, Skunks, Antelope, Deer, a Coyote and more.

This site had beautiful little ponds with gorgeous lichen and moss on much of the rock cliffs. There were many butterflies clustered in groups all around us and two hawks soaring overhead making quite a racket telling us we were invading their territory. It was a most magical day in the high desert.