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Yesterday we all went to Davis, about an hour from here to watch Malanna play in a soccer game she and her team took the bus up to play.

Unfortunately again they did not put her into the game but for one minute and 10 seconds. It seems so unfair to us that her coach is so callus as to everyone's feeling. He saw us come down and greet her before the game, and I personally think he could have made a game effort to put her in a little longer than he did. The good side is that her team won. And we had a great 40 minute visit with her on the tail gate of our cars in the parking lot before her team had to get back on the bus and make the long trip home. Todd loaded her up with a container of his home made Gumbo, and we sent her off with a bag of four boxes of different girl scout cookies to eat and share.
We think we had an absolutely wonderful visit with Malanna even though it was short. We had only 40 minutes so we did not go and try to find ice cream or a treat off campus and eat up all our time traveling and ordering food and stressing out getting back in time. In stead we had a great tail gate visit and it truly felt like the best visit we have had in years. All devices were off, no phones, texting, cooking to attend to (I am guilty of this) or other time schedules of some to adjust to. Just simply one of those rare times when everyone was attentive and there. That is with the exception of Tatra, Maurice and Mateo that had a previous engagement they could not break. We went home glowing over the visit, and I hope Malanna felt our love also.
The first four photos are of practice before the game.The girls on the side line...The  girls in the stand rooting for the Santa Barbara Soccer TeamTeam PhotoOur tail gate visiting .