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We celebrated both Mateo's and Papa John's birthdays on the weekend when we could all attend and be together. Papa John turned 71 and Mateo 3 years. I made a French Pear Pie for John and created a fish mold to do so. Mateo wanted a dump truck for his cake and so he got one with a moveable tail gate to dump cookie crumb dirt and gummy worms. His cake turned out a huge success and was very interactive. He kept lifting the tail gate and dumping out the dirt and then filling it again over and over again, each time sampling a little dirt and it's volume diminished slowly with the process.
Tatra and Maurice worked so hard not only moving in last week but then unpacking so many boxes and welcoming all of us to their new HOME! It was so nice having all the family together for we got spoiled last year in so many wonderful full days with family simply chilling out but we have all gotten busy with everyday life and not had the same quality time to spend together. We missed Marlo and Malanna and Montana, but hope they too will be able to enjoy soon the new party home with a pool.